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RWBY Volume 5 Episode 6 BETTER

  • "Known by its Song"VolumeEpisode56StatisticsDateNovember 18th, 2017Run Time17:37Featured Music"Qrow's Rough Day"

  • "I've Seen That Bird Before..."

  • "Dinner & Coffee"

  • CrewWritersMiles Luna

  • Kerry Shawcross

  • DirectorsKerry Shawcross

  • Miles Luna

  • Gray G. Haddock

LinksRooster TeethCrunchyrollEpisode GuidePreviousNext"Necessary Sacrifice""Rest and Resolutions""Known by its Song" is the sixth episode of Volume 5 and the fifty-eighth episode of RWBY. It premiered for Rooster Teeth FIRST members on November 18th, 2017 and was released for non-FIRST registered users of the Rooster Teeth site on November 21st, 2017, and was made public on November 25th, 2017.

RWBY Volume 5 Episode 6

Lindsay Jones (Ruby), Kara Eberle (Weiss), Arryn Zech (Blake), and Barbara Dunkelman (Yang) plus writer/directors Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross were in attendance in front of a massive crowd in Madison Square Garden. They took questions from the panel moderator and from fans, and hey even showed a brand new clip of the first episode.

The panel opened by showing a clip of the first episode from Volume 6. The clip opens on a train winding it's way through a snowy mountain range. Team RWBY and RNGR are in action fighting off winged bear Grimms.

There are new Grimm too. Manticore and sphinx Grimm are introduced early in the first episode. Miles said someone on Reddit made the manticore for fun, and Rooster Teeth contracted them because the design was so good.

DENVER, Aug. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- This fall, RWBY fans will have the exclusive opportunity to be the first to see the newest episode of Volume 6 during the "RWBY Volume 6 Premiere" one-night event. This exclusive cinema event will feature the premiere of the first episode from "RWBY Volume 6" along with several chapters of Volume 5 to catch fans up on all the western-style anime action from the creators of RWBY.

"We're thrilled to partner with Fathom again for the premiere of RWBY Volume 6," said Gray G. Haddock, head of animation at Rooster Teeth. "Events like this premiere allow the RWBY community to celebrate the launch of a new volume together, and that's really special."

The first episode of RWBY was released on Rooster Teeth's website in July of 2013, and since become a viral hit. Volume 2 was released in July 2014, Volume 3 in October of 2015, and Volume 4 in October 2016. Volume 5 Chapter 1 debuted in 2017 at cinemas nationwide, presented by Fathom Events and Rooster Teeth.

Broadcast live, at first on Tuesdays and later on Mondays at 5pm CT (10pm UTC), the cast discusses their thoughts and theorize what could happen next in the series - both Chad and his co-host(s) have been cut off from knowing the plot to avoid accidental spoilers and to engage with the community and discuss it together with zero knowledge of what's to come - while also discovering something about a behind the scenes aspect with the guest(s). Many episodes also has a preview of the following chapter.

The RWBY Official Manga Anthology volumes continue to be a labour of love for the artists; if you are a fan of the series, these new book collections will offer some new insights into your favourite characters. 041b061a72

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