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What's Wrong With Secretary Kim REPACK

Although I liked the initial episodes thanks to Park Seo Joon charm (This is his first drama that I watched) and Park min-young (I love Healer), I could not continue anymore once I realised that she will be a secretary to Young Joon. This is because I am entirely uncomfortable with the fact that they have personal relationship going on while working together that too as a boss and an employee. I think that it is unfair to other employees. And she does get preferential treatment as demonstrated in some episodes whether they liked it or not. I know it is a drama and that i am nit picking but i could not reconcile to this. Also they are in close proximity for 24 hours without young joon seeking professional help for his trauma. Because several times whenever he felt Mi so ho will be in trouble, he barges in trying to take control of the situation. Without addressing all of this , I felt the romance was going to be burn out in the future where Mi so ho will feel suffocated and Young joon feeling neglected. Even with all of this, it is the charm of these leads that I could go as far as I did :-)..

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

As Young Joon works tirelessly to win back his disinterested secretary, their feelings start to grow whilst they simultaneously grapple with trauma from their past. The ensuing result is a hilarious romcom that features some memorable stand-out moments and an excellent finale to top it all off.

Acting as a secretary who serves her boss wholeheartedly, but longing for more personal time to do her own stuff like seeking a boyfriend and having a guy to settle down with. I believe this will resonate with many female viewers in the workforce with no time for romance due to work.

Lee Yeong Joon (Park Seo Joon) is vice president of his family-owned company, Yoomyung Group. He is so narcissistic that he doesn't pay attention to what his trusty secretary, Kim Mi So (Park Min Young), is trying to tell him most of the time. After nine years of making Yeong Joon look good and stroking his very large ego, Min So decides to quit her job. Yeong Joon's older brother, Lee Sung Yeon (Lee Tae Hwan), is a famous author who is in love with Mi So. 041b061a72

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