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Mature was born in Louisville, Kentucky. His father, Marcello Gelindo Maturi, later Marcellus George Mature, was a cutler and knife sharpener from Pinzolo, in the Italian part of the former County of Tyrol (now Trentino in Italy, but at that time part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire).[1][2] His mother, Clara P. (Ackley), was Kentucky-born and of Swiss heritage.[3] An older brother, Marcellus Paul Mature, died of osteomyelitis in 1918 at age 11.[4] His only sister, Isabelle, born and died in 1906. Victor attended St. Xavier High School[5] in Louisville, Kentucky, the Kentucky Military Institute, and the Spencerian Business School. He briefly sold candy and operated a restaurant before moving to California.[6]

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Zanuck promised Mature he would keep him away from musicals and stuck to that, casting him in the period thriller Moss Rose; Mature received a $50,000 bonus after shooting completed.[33] His next film was the film noir, Kiss of Death, which had been developed specifically as a vehicle for him.[34] The movie, shot mostly on location in New York, was not a particularly big hit, but was popular, earned Mature some of his best reviews and turned Richard Widmark into a star.

Mature still had an obligation to make a movie at RKO, which dated from before the war. He was announced for Battleground and before eventually being cast in a serious drama about football, Interference, which became Easy Living in 1949, with Lucille Ball.[38]

While Samson was in postproduction, Paramount used Mature in another film, co-starring with Betty Hutton in Red, Hot and Blue, his first musical in a number of years.[42] It was not particularly popular, and Easy Living was a flop, but Samson and Delilah earned over $12 million during its original run, making it the most popular movie of the 1940s, and responsible for ushering in a cycle of spectacles set in the Ancient World.

In late 1949, Mature was meant to fulfill another commitment at RKO, Alias Mike Fury (the new title for Mr Whiskers). Mature refused to make the movie and was put on suspension by Fox.[44] The script was rewritten and Mature ended up making the film, which was retitled Gambling House.[45]

The Robe had been in development in Hollywood for over a decade. In December 1952, Mature signed to play Demetrius in two movies, The Robe and a sequel, Demetrius and the Gladiators.[56] The films were shot consecutively.[57]

The Robe, the first CinemaScope movie to be released (ahead of How to Marry a Millionaire, which was actually the first film shot in the new process), was an enormous success, one of the most popular movies of all time.[58] Veils of Bagdad was not as popular, but Demetrius and the Gladiators was another hit.

In 1954, Mature signed a two-picture deal with Columbia Pictures, giving him script and co-star approval, at $200,000 a film.[65] The first movie he made under this contract was The Last Frontier (1955).

Mature finally made a movie for his own production company, Romina Productions, in conjunction with United Artists and Batjac Productions: China Doll, directed by Frank Borzage, with whom Mature co-produced. Mature and Borzage announced they would also make The Incorrigibles and Vaults of Heaven.[71]

Mature made another movie for Romina and Batjac, a Western, Escort West. It was released by United Artists, which also distributed Timbuktu, a French Foreign Legion adventure tale that Mature made for producer Edward Small and the director Jacques Tourneur.

Mature was reunited with producer Irwin Allen for The Big Circus, shot in early 1959.[73] He then made his second film for Warwick under his two-picture contract with them, The Bandit of Zhobe, following this with an Italian peplum, aka "sword-and-sandal" movie, Hannibal, with Mature in the title role. It was shot in Italy, as was The Tartars with Orson Welles. Mature then retired from acting.[28]

After five years of retirement, he was lured back into acting by the opportunity to parody himself in After the Fox (1966), co-written by Neil Simon. Mature played "Tony Powell", an aging American actor who is living off his reputation from his earlier body of work. In a similar vein in 1968, he played a giant, The Big Victor, in Head, a movie starring The Monkees. Mature enjoyed the script while admitting it made no sense to him, saying "All I know is it makes me laugh."[citation needed]

He came out of retirement again in 1971 to star in Every Little Crook and Nanny and again in 1976 along with many other former Hollywood stars in Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood. His last feature film appearance was a cameo as a millionaire in Firepower in 1979, while his final acting role was that of Samson's father Manoah in the TV movie Samson and Delilah in 1984. In a 1971 interview, Mature quipped about his decision to retire:

Despite its occasional heavy-handedness, the film is an earnest, engaging attempt at portraying teens and their problems in a realistic light. Writer-director John Hughes' film deals with very mature issues regarding family and school that both teens and parents can relate to. On the outside, the five may seem like clichéd stereotypes, yet as The Breakfast Club progresses, their confessions as to why they're in detention reveal a greater depth to their personas.

Why do you think this movie is considered a teen classic? If you could update it, how would you do it, and whom would you cast? How do you think the story would change if the characters were more diverse?

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was based on a 2004 Deborah Moggach novel called These Foolish Things and was also adpated into a stage play in 2022. It was also nominated for a slew of awards, including Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and a BAFTA. The movie was a roaring success at the box office following its international release and a sequel entitled The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was released in 2015.

It's Complicated was directed by Nancy Meyers, who is also the talent behind popular movies The Parent Trap, What Women Want, Something's Gotta Give, and The Holiday. It's supporting cast also includes the likes of Lake Bell, Hunter Parrish, John Krasinski, and Rita Wilson.

The 2017 British drama Hampstead centers on an American widow who unexpectedly finds love with a man living wild on the Hampstead Heath. The movie is loosely based on the life of Harry Hallowes, a introverted squatter who successfully claimed ownership of a half-acre plot of the real Hampstead Heath 2007. The gifted Diane Keaton and Brendan Gleeson portray Emily Walters and Donald Horner, respectively, who cross paths in an unexpected meet-cute." Two individuals from completely different backgrounds join together for a moving fight and end up stumbling into romance and, eventually, love. The feel-good film is endearing and sweet with a meaningful message and visually stunning cinematography.

The movie was critically acclaimed and received many award nominations. Keaton, specifically, was highly praised for her work. She took home several awards for her work, including a Golden Globe, and was also nominated for the Oscar for Best Actress.

Disney Plus is about to expand in a major way in international markets. The streaming service is adding mature content to its line-up, including multiple Fox movies and FXX shows. These include Alien, Terminator, Die Hard, Kingsman, Logan, Deadpool, Atlanta, Bob's Burgers, and much more.

The announcement was made during a Disney investors' call, with company representatives also revealing that we can expect 10 Marvel series, 10 Star Wars series, 15 Disney live-action, Disney animation, and Pixar series, plus 15 movies over the next "few years". Disney also revealed that Raya and the Last Dragon will be released on Disney Plus via Premiere Access simultaneously with its cinema release. That's a whole lot of content coming to the streaming service.

Firstly, Belle is captured by the Beast, which is weird enough. The film almost seems to make this a romantic thing, which is wildly inappropriate considering that most of the people who watch the movie are young kids.

With the arrival of these R-rated movies and the prior addition of several TV-MA rated Marvel shows, Disney Plus seems ready to expand beyond its family friendly image and embrace more mature content. That said, it remains to be seen if the streaming service will commit to producing more adult programs, or if it will simply tolerate them for the sake of Marvel fans.

Mature movies are often a great way to explore complex themes and gain a new perspective on the world. They can offer insight into real-life stories and situations and can provide thought-provoking entertainment. Watching mature movies can greatly deepen your understanding of life and the world around you.

The Girl Next Door is a charming 2004 movie that explores the complex relationships between teenagers and adults. It follows the story of Matthew, a teenage boy who falls for a mysterious girl next door and finds himself in a difficult situation when he discovers that she is far more mature than he expected. The movie is a great exploration of the blurred lines between adolescence and adulthood. It shows how difficult it can be for teenagers to navigate the complicated relationships between adults and their peers. The movie is funny, heartwarming, and thought-provoking, making for an enjoyable viewing experience. It is a great movie for mature audiences and provides a unique perspective on growing up.

The Babysitters (2011) is an intense drama that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the complexity of life. Following the story of a teenage girl who takes on a job as a babysitter, the film explores the struggles of growing up and the difficult choices that come with it. With a great cast and powerful performances, this movie is sure to leave you with a greater understanding of the complexities of life. Highly recommended for mature audiences. 041b061a72

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