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Fucking Your Friend After I Lost The Bet.mp4 ((INSTALL))

hello i just saw your message about losing your dog. i just wanted you to know i feel the same and it has turned a year now, he was 14. he was such a lovely nature and good looking. i think of him still all the time. cancer of the liver they think. i guess we were lucky in that we did not have to put him down at the end he lay down in the sitting room and went to sleep. but it was no easier i was hysterical. and i had to keep him all night at home next day vets came and carried him out of our house it was terrible, i now have his ashes. and i now have just lost my partner the house seems so empty now, i too am struggling. so i know how you feel. maybe you are feeling a bit better now. i hope so.

Fucking Your Friend After I Lost The Bet.mp4

Hi, Your post just broke my heart and I wanted to reach out. I lost my husband in exactly the same way a few weeks ago. He was 52 and had an undetected heart issue. It was the shock of my life. Please know that you are not alone in this. It is a horrible, senseless thing and we have no control over it. It is a hurricane that destroyed our lives. The main thing that is really helping me now is the support of friends and family, acquaintances and strangers. Let them help you. You and your boys need and deserve to feel love and care from others.

I just lost my best friend few days ago. We are one generation apart but we relate to one another just like he is part of my age group. I hate to admit, but I feel like my days are meaningless and I miss him very dearly. Activities and passions that we both enjoyed together now become meaningless too. I wake up in the middle of nights, wishing that my heartbeat will stop so that I may join him.

you can get thru the initial shock and pain . You have to other people need you . I know i lost my wife 3 years ago . I was a feeling lower than ever unable to function for the first 30 days . I read alot about grief and really tried to get a handle on it but it is very difficult. What i found was the raw emotions and thoughts have to run there course. Cry as much as you want let it out . All the feelings you have go with the grief and loss . I can tell you with time you will be able to get back to some new level of normal but you will still have bad days . I guess I am just trying to tell you to hang in there . So Sorry for your loss . The grief just sucks plain and simple . Time is the real factor as it goes on you can cope better with the situation. Seek counseling if you feel it will help.

January 28 I lost my Mom to lung cancer it was fast but brutal. She was my best friend and I miss her more than words. Three weeks later my Grandmother passed away it has been a hard long year. On October 26 I had to put my beloved dog Swat down he was 12.5 years old I am so devastated about all that had happened all year. I am not looking forward to waking up every day or even Christmas which is my favorite holiday. It took me so much just to put up the decorations

I've been in for three and a half years and just reenlisted. I have 5 years left with one deployment under my belt and multiple missions that directly affect the war that have been done from over here. I am 22 with a wife and a daughter. I have a nice place to live and drive a brand new Tahoe. My wife just stopped working because of my daughter and we still make ends meet like every other American has to. The reason this country is in trouble has nothing to do with contractors, civilians, military, etc. We are in trouble because most of you people are so f***ing dumb with your money and you waste so many opportunites that you breed mediocrity and failure. Anybody who is in the miiltary for at least four years and can't get a job when they get out is a moron. When I say that I mean you could be one of the idiots that got a 10 on their ASVAB and hands out towels at the gym and still get a job. I have been in college the whole time and have not paid for a book. A lot of careers get bonuses to reenlist and then they go out and buy a new car. I dont by any means have a lot of money. But, I work my balls off and provide nice things for my family while still going to college after my long days in uniform so when I get out I can have extra money and provide nicer things. 80% of Americans blame the government for them not having money and having the things they want. Nobody really works hard in high school anymore to get into a good college and a lot of people in upper 20's live with parents. Get off your video games and educate yourself. Stop eating all day and go get into shape. American was built on hard work. Now it's built on whiners and liars. I for one though will not let it beat me.

It has absolutely nothing to do with what soldiers "make" as they "make" very little. Other than high ranking individuals your standard soldier makes squat, the only reason they can even enjoy the money that they DO make is because of things like additional living expenses, and the fact that they don't spend much out of their own pocket while in the military. My friend has been with the Us Air Force for 6-7 years, and has served as a seer instructor, and a wing instructor (teaches people how to jump out of planes to do speciality missions, like rescues etc), and has a nice solid rank behind him, makes less than $60k a year.... (therefore your standard soldier makes practically half of that) BUT the government provides him with additional housing expenses so the $55,000-$60,000 he makes feels like more... No matter how you look at it, a soldier absolutely does NOT cost even remotely close to $850,000 a year, that's just ludicrous.... they come to those numbers based on what the entire project costs, broken down by the number of troops. They equate things like machines, supplies, construction etc... so the numbers don't really mean anything, sort of a useless news post in the first place.

You are truly clueless as to how your pay works. $4800 take home pay, that's before taxes is taken out, and the taxes you got back is most likely the taxes you paid. NONE of my military friends or people I've met work only 40 hours a week, the work day usually starts at 6:30AM for PT and ends at 6:30PM that does not include staff duty etc. You should look at the amount of money that was actually going into your account before you speak of "take home" pay. The civilian counterpart of most of the military jobs get paid double or triple plus overtime. Danger pay for our men and women in uniform is an additional $7.50 a day. $7.50 a day to put your life on the line! I am not on crack and YES our military is underpaid! There are slackers in our military and in my opinion they shouldn't have made rank but somehow manage to slip through the system and then come on here and say that they got great pay for the service they did.. so sad but true and unfair to our TRUE hard working military.

I was just showing my LES to an contract employee the other day. I could share a redacted one with you if you somehow give me your email address. The bi-monthly $2400 is after all decuctions. Confirmed by my bank account. Yes, you probably are on crack by thinking I do not know how much I am paid.

I totally agree. 911 was a tragedy perpetrated by a VERY few crazed and fanatical individuals. It was not an act of war from a legitimate state. It was terrorism, plain and simple. It gave us Americans NO excuse to go to war against Iraq under false pretenses of WMD's. We had NO reason to go to war against Afganistan. We had NO reason to support the action in Lybia. We have NO reason to go to war against Syria or Iran. If peoples of other country's, nationalities, and cultures want change, there are words for how we did it, and the Tunisian's, by the way... In our case, it was called the American Revolution, and Great Britain well knows how that turned out and subsequently, we are staunch allies. Our country would be vastly better served if all of our military came home, half of them put down the weapons and we turned our attentions to things vastly more productive than killing people in foreign lands and by doing so creating more fanatacism. When you kill a man, or especially women and children accidentally, (OOPS sorry we we killed your wife and kids and burned your holy books) you just anger the other 50 people in their family and friends, or the entire population as a whole, and there is no end to that vicious cycle. Just leave them to be, as we wish to be left alone. There is no reason we can't have the fastest, most vicious strike force in the world, and we do. It is just way too big and our economy cannot support this anymore. Terrorism is a matter best left to such organizations as police forces, the FBI and most importantly the CIA and the Special Ops forces of our great military. Find the crazed fanatics and kill them quietly, but shut the war machine down...

While on the subject of honesty, why don't we speak honestly about the "health care" the military receives... There is no actual standard of care. You get whet you pay for. Many of my friends paid out of pocket to see docs in town because the base clinic was so bad. Heck, the only reason I can walk is because my civilian insurance covered surgery for my leg after the military did NOTHING. Your care is based on your rank.

Well I'm not sure what branch of service your husband is in nor his rank and MOS but while married active soldiers with dependents may reep more benefits, single ones don't get nearly anywhere close to what you mention. My son joined the marines on his 18th birthday and with 3 years of service spent his first tour (8 mos) in Kandahar last year. His total earnings for the year including 'combat pay' was 24K. He worked 14+ hours 24/7 and didn't get one day off during his 8 months there which is equivalent to working 2 fulltime jobs in most places. Depending on where you were, the meals varied in quality and that's when you had enough to time to enjoy one. It was 120 degrees at times and even in your tents during the day the temperature exceeded 95F so certainly not ideal for sleeping. If you wanted internet, you had to pay and it was $180 mo but the troops often shared these expenses to spread out the bill since walking to a common place where there was free internet was nearly an hour away and then the lines were huge.. My son has lost significant hearing being in the military due to his MOS and see's a doctors every 3 months to monitor his hearing loss. Ask your husband to show you pictures from Afghanastan including living arrangement and tell you the real story. So excuse me if I don't share your thoughts on military pay when many single troops get nowhere near what you mention. You may 'know the system' as a active military wife with dependents but apparently not from a single perspecttive. Most troops join and serve for the love of their country not for the money and benefits. 041b061a72

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