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Toy Soldiers HD

Players control one of two armies of miniature toy soldiers on a World War I model diorama with wooden and plastic landscapes.[4] The diorama is set in various locations, such as a child's bedroom, library and lounge, and objects such as dressers and reading lamps are at times visible in the background.[5] The game features 50 different controllable units including machine guns, mortars and tanks, with the fixed emplacements being upgradable to more powerful versions.

Toy Soldiers HD


Players can create and control numerous units from a strategic command perspective or one unit on the field from a third-person action perspective.[4][5] They can also command fixed emplacements that they create such as howitzers, mortars, and machine guns, or drive various vehicles such as tanks, biplanes, and bombers. When the player takes control of a single unit, the other emplacements are automatically controlled by artificial intelligence. When shot, the toy soldiers explode into plastic chunks but do not display blood, in order to keep the game family-friendly.[5]

A tower defense-style single-player campaign is available, which involves defending a base from British or German soldiers.[4][5] The player receives money for destroying enemies, which can be used to equip greater defenses. The single-player game features British and German campaigns among 24 unique levels. Once a campaign is finished, the player unlocks Survival Mode, which involves fighting continuous streams of enemies to last as long as possible. There are four difficulty settings.[5] Multiplayer is also available (Xbox only), and can be played online over Xbox LIVE or locally with two-player split-screen.[4] In multiplayer games, the player must focus on waging offensives as well as defending the base. Scores are tracked and compared in Xbox LIVE leaderboards.[5]

Set during the First World War, Toy Soldiers HD faithfully recreates some of the finer craftsmanship from the early 1900s with all of the model soldiers. Backed by the large diorama set pieces in era-appropriate wartime painted art style, destructible environments, and designated pathways to defend, the game successfully creates the feeling of realism for a wartime set piece and a handcrafted play set at the same time.

So much so that you can quite literally set the battlefield from afar and then man the units themselves, effectively doubling the possibilities for gameplay and increasing the replayability from different perspectives. Early on in the campaign, I would fill all available build locations on the map over the course of the match and then man the mortars for the rest, all so I could rain hell on the waves of toy soldiers and watch them pop into little pieces.

Toy Soldiers HD is a clever and straightforward experience that has captured the imaginative mindset of playing with actual toy soldiers while paying homage to the history itself. With 4 difficulties to choose from, unlock-able survival modes, online multiplayer, and a number of ways to play each map, you could find hours of entertainment in one small little package.

Developer Signal Studios and publisher Accelerate Games revealed that Toy Soldiers HD will be getting released next month. Revitalizing the classic PC title as you compete on the battlefields of old using soldiers straight from the toy box, as you'll get a few different kids of nostalgia memories playing this game. The team has set the release for bot PC and all three major consoles on September 9th, 2021. Enjoy the latest trailer below as the game will be out in about four weeks.

Re-enlist with Toy Soldiers HD and experience the award-winning XBLA hit updated for a whole new generation! Command from above or take direct control below. Lead your foot soldiers, cavalry, tanks and planes to victory. Deploy an exciting arsenal of guns, gas, howitzers, mortars, troops, flamethrowers and vehicles to protect your Toybox in vintage WWI toy dioramas. Toy Soldiers is a multi-genre action-strategy game in which players command antique WWI toy soldiers vying for control of the trench-filled diorama battlefields of Europe. The original classic has been overhauled and upgraded with new content, skins, gameplay, expanded game modes, improved controls and graphical upgrades. We've also included all the original DLC and a few new levels as well! 041b061a72

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