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Map Editor Far Cry 4 Crack Only

How to Use the Map Editor in Far Cry 4 with a Cracked Version

Far Cry 4 is a first-person shooter game that allows players to explore an open world set in the fictional country of Kyrat. One of the features of the game is the map editor, which lets players create and share their own custom maps using various objects, terrain, vegetation, water, lighting, sound, and enemies. However, some players may have difficulty accessing the map editor if they are using a cracked version of the game. In this article, we will show you how to use the map editor in Far Cry 4 with a cracked version.

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Step 1: Download and Install a Modded Map Editor

The first step is to download and install a modded map editor that adds new objects and features to the original map editor. There are several mods available on the internet, but we recommend using one of these two:

  • : This mod adds nearly 1000 new objects, including interactive objects, singleplayer objects, new NPC skins, new weapons, new animations, and more. It also allows players to create maps with allies that can follow and help them. The mod has its own folder structure and does not interfere with the original folders.

  • : This mod adds more terrain textures, vegetation, water textures, environmental light and sound options, and objects. It also includes silenced seekers, lighting volumes effects, new objective markers, some new decals, tree objects, particle effects, soundpoints, and every available 3D model as nonblocking asset. The mod also adds more ally and enemy options, including silent cultist enemies and a Blackhawk reinforcement.

To install either of these mods, you need to extract the files to your game folder, overwriting the existing files. You also need to delete the files data_win32\patch_chn.dat/patch_chn.fat if they exist, otherwise the mod will not work.

Step 2: Launch the Game and Access the Map Editor

The next step is to launch the game and access the map editor. To do this, you need to go to the main menu and select "Map Browser". Then, you need to select "Create Map" and choose either "Singleplayer" or "Coop" mode. You will then be taken to the map editor interface, where you can start creating your own custom map.

Step 3: Use the Modded Objects and Features

The final step is to use the modded objects and features that are added by the mod you installed. You can find them in different categories and folders in the map editor menu. For example, if you installed the Fino4 SP-Editor Mod, you can find the new objects in an unnamed folder at the end of the normal folder tree. If you installed the Editormod by Steve64b, you can find the new objects in various categories such as "Generic", "Invisible", "Lighting", "Objective", etc.

You can use these objects to create more diverse and interesting maps with different themes, scenarios, challenges, and gameplay options. You can also use the new animations, sounds, effects, allies, enemies, weapons, and vehicles to enhance your map experience.


In this article, we showed you how to use the map editor in Far Cry 4 with a cracked version. By downloading and installing a modded map editor, you can access more objects and features that are not available in the original map editor. You can then use these objects and features to create your own custom maps with more variety and creativity. However, please note that using a cracked version of the game may cause some issues or errors that are not present in the official version. Therefore, we recommend that you buy the game from a legitimate source if you want to enjoy it fully.

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