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Where Can I Buy Spray Tan

Love a spray tan? Now you can do it all yourself with the MineTan Bronze Babe Home Spray Tan Kit! Spray tan yourself, friends & family in the comfort of your own home with this handy little device. The ultra-fine mist gives you a flawless, streak-free finish every time.

where can i buy spray tan

An Anti-Aging & Skin Firming Moisturizer treatment is an additional experience available at the end of your spray tanning session. The Anti-Aging & Skin Firming Moisturizer treatment contains three beneficial ingredients in one easy step to help finalize your spray tanning session:

Our spray tan solutions are so much more than light, medium and dark. With the MineTan range of Pro Spray Mists, you can customize a bronze glow based on the skin type, tone and desired skin finish of your client. From a golden sun kissed glow to a deep, rich warm dark tan to the deepest, darkest of all ultra dark self tanners, you can give a professional, customized skin finish your customers will keep coming back for. Including only the best skin loving ingredients, you will be offering your clients a one-of-a-kind skin therapy experience.

Our comprehensive professional offering includes a range of market-leading spray tan machines and equipment for the high quality, precise air brush application. Buy on their own or as a part of one of our spray tan kits featuring our best selling spray tan solutions. We have equipment & kits designed for businesses of all shapes, sizes and budgets.

Shop MineTan Professional with special trade pricing for salons and mobile spray tanners. Login or register for your professional account and gain instant access to special discounted Trade Pro pricing on salon retail products.

Are you looking to start your own spray tan business? Our spray tan certification program is perfect for you. You can get certified and have a spray tan business in as little as two weeks!

#1 It's a lot cheaper! One spray tan averages about $37.50 per session. That means if you go once a week, you're looking at $150 a month! Compare that to a good self tanning lotion that costs $25 and gives you 4 applications. That's a savings of $125 a month or nearly 85% less!

#2 It's less time-consuming and gives you more privacy. When you use a self tanning lotion at home, you don't have to get dressed, get in the car, fight traffic, find parking and then finally get your spray tan. Afterwards, you have to do it all over again to get back home. What a hassle! You also have to strip down in front of a complete stranger! Who wants to do that?

#3 It's safer. The active ingredient in both self tanning lotions and spray tans is DHA. The FDA has found DHA to be safe when applied to the skin. However, they have not approved it or found it to be safe when it's inhaled. That's why when you get a spray tan you have to be careful not to breathe it in (very difficult to do). With self tanning lotions, you don't have to worry about it!

#4 There's more variety and customization. Most self tanning lotion come in different strengths, so you can control how light or dark your tan gets. Or you can tan your face a little lighter than your body by using 2 different lotions. With spray tanning, it's much more difficult to do that (especially in a machine). By the time you realize your spray tan is too light or dark, you're already back home and there's not much you can do about it. Not so with self tanning lotions.

#5 It's easier to fix mistakes. As mentioned above, once you get your spray tan and leave the salon, there's not much they can do to fix your mistakes. Or adjust the tan on certain areas. In contrast, if you use a lotion at home, you can smooth things out if it turns out weird. Or you could exfoliate certain areas and re-apply. Overall you just have a lot more control!

Chemical exfoliants use ingredients like retinol and glycolic acid to encourage exfoliation. Skip these for at least 24 hours prior to spray tanning to keep the exfoliant from taking off your spray tan, too.

Your spray technician will tell you what to expect over the next 24 hours. This includes what clothes to wear, when to shower, and what products you can use. Here are some general guidelines to help you preserve your shade.

Exfoliating helps remove the buildup of oil and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, revealing clear, brighter-looking skin. Before your appointment, be sure to use a gentle facial scrub on your face and a body scrub everywhere else to achieve the best results.

Although oily skin has its perks (such as being less prone to wrinkles), it can also act as a barrier to your spray tan, making it difficult for the ingredients to penetrate your skin. To get the most natural look possible, get rid of excess oil by using a daily acne treatment system for men.

Love a spray tan? Now you can do it all yourself with the MineTan Bronze Babe Personal Spray Tan Kit! Spray tan yourself, friends & family in the comfort of your own home. The ultra-fine mist gives you a flawless, streak-free finish every time.

Made by the experts for the experts, the MineTan range of tanning machines & equipment are designed to give you the best tools for providing your clients with a spray tan experience they will keep coming back for. All tanning equipment features Micro-Whirlwind Technology to keep air flowing smoothly and steadily for flawless spray tan results every time.

Our range of professional spray tan equipment includes the leading spray tan machines, spray tan guns, and accessories that cover all bases. Whether you are just starting out in spray tanning or a long term professional, we have the best equipment for your tanning business.

Whether you want to get a head start on your summer tan, get a glowing complexion in time for a significant event, or preserve your tan year-round, a spray tan can quickly become your best friend. Best of all, it can protect and preserve your skin from the harmful UV rays which penetrate your skin during traditional tanning sessions in tanning beds or in the sun. At Paradise Med Spas of Texas in Lubbock, TX, you can get the perfect tan with FDA-approved, top-quality ingredients and amazing color results.

A spray tanning session is completely customizable and, thanks to the airbrushing technique used, the results are instant. It takes approximately 10 minutes to spray your whole body. Unlike tanning booths, which require you to move and position yourself correctly to achieve an even tan, airbrushing gives you a perfectly blended tan that will never make you look orange.

Love a good spray tan? Allow us to put your mind at ease: You can spray tan with lash extensions. But there are some things you MUST know in order to keep your lashes protected while you get your glow on! ?

#2. Apply Lash Armor for Extra ProtectionEven with those trusty goggles, shielding your lashes from moisture mishaps during your spraytan is smart! This is where either of our two Lash Armors come in handy. Whether you go withour Onyx or Crystal formula, coating your lash line with a sealant will amp up the protection, shielding your fluttery friends from the elements. Wondering where to purchase? At any Lash Lounge location!

  • I love to be tan. It's unfair really, because I was born as lily white as snow in December. It takes work (and planning) to keep up my perfect J-lo color, and although I've gone to many airbrush tanning salons, most of the time I do my own spray tan at home. It's faster, easier and much less expensive than getting it done somewhere else. People are always asking me how to spray tan yourself with a machine, so I wanted to spend a few minutes explaining it. Before I spray tanned myself I imagined it would be so much harder than it actually was! Having the freedom to tan later at night and not have to leave the salon with no makeup on, weird baggy sweatpants and no more money (joking! but seriously, spray tans are so expensive and they last maximum 4 to 5 days looking their best. If you spend 50 dollars a week on spray tanning and go weekly....It's 2600 dollars a year. Could be a nice little weekend away!Before you go about spray tanning, the first and most important prep step that you must do is to exfoliate thoroughly in the shower. I use a mitt Self Tanning Mitt Pack (3 Gloves), Large Double Sided Sunless Tanner Mit for All Over Self Tan, Small Face Mit, Exfoliating Tan Remover Mitt by VIDI to exfoliate, followed by a back exfoliator Aquis - Exfoliating Back Scrubber, Deep Clean & Invigorate Your Skin, Linen (4 x 30 Inches) for all the hard to reach places. Don't moisturize the morning before a spray tan as the moisturizer won't allow the spray tan to develop as well. Make sure that you shave and do any hair removal before spray tanning as well. Shaving will exfoliate and remove the top layer of skin which isn't something that you'll want to do as much of after you've applied your gorgeous new tan.Where should I tan? Can I tan in the shower? When I first started tanning I bought a tent, but decided that it would be just as easy to tan in my shower so I wouldn't have to set up my tent. It seemed like so much work and I just wanted to save time but...I would rinse the shower off after every tanning session and it seemed like that was working really well for a while. After a year or so I stepped back and took a good look at my shower and realized that my grout was no longer white, it was tan. I scrubbed and I bleached and then I scrubbed more, but nothing that I did made it any better. The grout was stained, and there was nothing that I could do to make it better. They actually had to scrape the grout out of my shower and re apply it. (sad face) If you are going to spray tan at home, please purchase (and use) a tent Maxi-Mist Lite Plus Sunless Spray Tanning KIT, Tent, Machine HVLP Airbrush Tan, Maximist PINK so that you don't ruin the way your bathroom looks like I did!There are so many choices for spray tanning guns. One of my favorites is the Maxi Mist MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Spray Tanning System . It works quickly and gives me a dark, even tan. Another one of my favorites is the St Tropez Pro St. Tropez Pro Light Spray Tan . It's so small that I sometimes travel with it in my suitcase so that I don't have to find a place to spray tan when I'm away.When choosing a spray tanning solution I'd definitely reccomend one with an instant bronzer Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution - Venetian, 1 Liter so that you can see exactly where you've applied your tanner. If you like something organic I buy Lavish tan. Best Organic Sunless Airbrush Spray Tan Solution - Bronzed, Sun-kissed Customized Natural Color - Voted 1 in U.S.A. - 8oz I like to tan myself in a place where I can do a quick mirror check to make sure that my face neck and chest have enough color and look even. I keep the spray gun moving and like to add the color in layers. If you try to make an area dark enough in one pass, the color tends to not absorb as well, and may even streak or bead. I always spray my back before and other area on my body so that I don't have to deal with reaching sticky arms around my body.Be cautious and apply less color to your hands, feet and neck. Really dark color on your neck tends to settle into any wrinkles, and dry hands and feel will absorb more color than you bargained for. Nothing looks more unnatural than a tan which is barely there on the legs, but is super dark on the feet. Fake tan alert! I also wear sticky feet Belloccio 50 Pairs of Disposable Tanning Feet Pads (100 Feet Total); Sunless Airbrush Spray Tanning Tent Foot Protection (Color May Vary) to protect the bottoms of my feet from color. The tanner settles onto the floor as you go, and walking through it will give the bottoms of your feet a dark brown cast. Not pretty!After you spray tan, you can brush on a little bit of baby powder Nature's Baby Organics USDA Silky Dusting Powder, Fragrance Free, 4 oz. Skin Relief - Babies, Kids, & Adults! Natural, Gentle, & Soft for Chafing No Synthetics, Preservatives, Cornstarch, or Talc (I'd choose natural baby powder) applied with a large makeup brush (so you don't look chalky!) EcoTools Large Powder Brush, Made with Recycled and Sustainable Materials, Cruelty Free Synthetic Taklon Bristles, Aluminum Ferrule, Recycled Packaging between your bosom, on your neck, between your thighs and underarm area. Don't shower, workout or get wet for 8 hours after you tan. Basically get inside a bubble and don't even think of doing anything:) I'm kind of joking.... but not really:)To maintain your tan after you airbrush:Moisturize every day (twice a day is better) with an unscented moisturizer like:


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